Distance Calculator Between Cities in United States

Cities Distance
Beckley to South Burlington 1280.41 km
Beckley to Fairmont 245.05 km
Beckley to Bear 658.17 km
Beckley to Weirton Heights 403.65 km
Beckley to Weirton 397.42 km
Beckley to South Portland 1350.38 km
Beckley to West Scarborough 1336.64 km
Beckley to Wheeling 350.24 km
Beckley to Williamsport 657.66 km
Beckley to Morgantown 272.89 km

Distance calculator - ready and easy to use

Do you need to know what's the distance between 2 cities in United States? No stress, just type the names of the 2 places and press the `Calculate` button.

This great tool helps you find out how many miles/km/etc. are from one city to another city on the map.

You can use the city name, location name and after filling the 2 places, just hit the button. Once you've done it, you'll see the distance between selected cities, in both miles and kilometers, as well as the most important information regarding your driving itinerary, fuel consumption and estimated driving time.

The direct distance and driving distance are both displayed. The direct one is also called air distance or bird fly distance. The second one is the distance by land transport, estimated for when you travel by road/sea.

Kilometers (km): is the unit of length equal to 1000 meters or 0.62137 miles.
Miles (mi): is the unit of length equal to 1.60934 kilometers.
Nautical Miles (nmi): is the unit of lenght equaling 1.1508 land-measured (or statute) miles or 1.852 km